Routrek Networks, Inc.

  • Founder & CEO:
    Shinichi Sasaki



Development and sales of autonomous fertigation system for small- to midsized farmers

Routrek provides an autonomous fertigation system using sensors and AI for small- to mid-sized farming. Based on an agronomical research jointly conducted with Meiji University, the Company provides a turn-key, automatic irrigation system incorporating sensors, agricultural equipment, and cloud-based algorithm. Farmers experience increased crop yields (30-100 % more) and reduced water / fertilizer usage (50% less), while spending 90% less time on fertigation.



Agriculture in Japan and the world can be automated efficiently by using algorithms and IoT equipment. Based on the results of the crop cultivation research by Prof. Ozawa Seiji of Meiji University, agricultural equipment with AI replaced farmers' know-how, and remarkably reduced the amount of inputs (water, fertilizers, and labor)while increasing the yield.


Based on the reliable technical capabilities developed through the sales of M2M products, and by simultaneously acquiring agri-tech knowledge from Meiji University, the company is able to develop and sell reliable products in the field of agriculture. Penetrating target markets by partnering with overseas players

UTEC value up

Guiding their business in the second business term, provision of know-how in overseas business, advising the management team and helping the IPO management structure.
  • Automated fertigation system, priced at payback period of 12-24 months for average farmers

  • Increase in yield at 20-30% and more than 200% for experienced and new farmers, respectively (based on actual results)