Payless Gate Co.,Ltd.

  • CEO:
    Yasuhiko Adachi



PaylessGate provides the ultimate personal authentication technology to the real world and make the world happy with a seamless experience.

We are developing technologies that enable hands-free, hassle-free authentication and payment in the real world. For example, just by keeping your smartphone in your pocket in sleep mode, you can use it as an IC card for event reception, house and car keys, and company security zone management. It will also allow people to walk through ticket gates at train stations and make payments at convenience stores without having to take out their wallets or smartphones each time.



Yasuhiko Adachi, Founding CEO, believed that the meaning of human life is to "create the next generation," and one of the most important things to leave to the next generation is a "seamless society." He founded the company to create a seamless society by solving real world personal authentication issues by way improving the accuracy of such authentication.


Authentication consists of three types of information: memory information, physical information, and biometric information. In the real world, however, there are issues such as the time required to confirm memory and remove objects, and the fact that a single leak of biometric information makes such authentication system unavailable for the person in question. Hence, PaylessGate has enabled hands-free authentication and settlement of all kinds of transactions with only a smartphone in a pocket or bag, based on its patented technologies for "high-speed, high-accuracy location measurement" and "settlement-level authentication."

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