OPALAI Pte. Ltd.

  • CEO & Founder:
    Pravin Chandrasekaran



AI-driven digital financial products focused on Commodities asset class for Pricing, Hedging and Trading.

Only 5% of commodities are listed on exchanges, and commodities pricing is heavily dependent on locations and quality grades. Hedging/Risk transfer is difficult because of illiquid markets.
OpalAI offers products to address such unmet market needs: OpalAI Product- “Prism” - provides geolocated pricing of commodities (over 400 locations now) and indexed basket of commodities for risk transfer by hedging. OpalAI Product - “Largo” - offers risk-adjusted strategies for allocation of capital in global commodities market. OpalAI focuses across commodities class which includes metals, oil & gas, agriculture, power, and clean energy products including logistics.



OpalAI was started in June 2017 by Pravin Chandrasekaran, a Harvard alumnus, who has two (2) decades of experience in commodities derivates across seven (7) countries in Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Rabobank and ADM. OpalAI was set up in Singapore with the help of a S$1M non-dilutive grant by EDB (Economic Development Board).


OpalAI uses an ensemble of statistical Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques by analyzing over 400-500 features for pricing commodities. They incorporate asset pricing techniques that have been historically used to only model equities such as Continuous-Time Finance (CTF) and apply those principles to model commodities. OpalAI has over 10 global clients spread across geographies, spanning sectors such as Energy/Power, Metals and Agriculture.

UTEC value up

As the sole investor in OpalAI’s seed round, UTEC supports them to build their footprint in Japan by facilitating client partnerships with Trading, Financial and Manufacturing corporations, and research collaborations with Japanese academia.
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