MiRTeL Co., Ltd.

  • Representative Director CEO & President:
    Toshiya Kato



MiRTeL innovates the forefront of preventive medicine in order to increase life expectancy and reduce medical expenditure.

MiRTeL was established by utilizing the research of Professor Hidetoshi Tahara, a researcher of molecular cell biology at Hiroshima University. MiRTel developed the “MirTeL tests”, which consist of the “MiR test” and “Telomere test”.
MiR tests are minimally invasive blood diagnostic tests (less pain and more convenience) that can detect diseases at a far earlier stage when compared to conventional blood tests. The microRNA measurement in MiR test is unique and is Japan’s first disease-specific technique for the early detection of diseases. The Telomere tests measure the innate "strength of genes (telomere strength)" and "tiredness of genes (telomere fatigue level)" caused by day-to-day stress by measuring the “G-tail” at the end of telomere. MiRTeL's Telomere test is the only test in the world that allows the measurement of G-tail length.
MiRTeL is also planning to create a disease prevention program as a follow-on to the tests.



MiRTeL was established by Prof. Hidetoshi Tahara of Hiroshima University. Prof. Tahara realized the importance of practical applications of basic research when he was faced with the loss of his co-worker who died of juvenile gastric cancer. He developed the G-tail length measurement technology to enable a pre-symptomatic test for cancer. Furthermore, he endeavors to realize a healthy society and extend lifespan through early detection tests with microRNA.


The first ''pre-symptomatic test'' in the world using the telomere G tail length measurement technology and early detection of diseases through the examination of disease-specific microRNA in body fluids.

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