issin Holdings Inc.

  • CEO:
    Tao Cheng



Realize a world full of vitality through the developing and providing healthcare devices and services that blend into everyday life.

issin Holdings Inc.'s mission is to "maintain and improve the health of the family's body and mind naturally", and to achieve its mission, issin provides a healthcare experience that blends into daily life so that you can unconsciously manage your family's health. As the first product, issin developed a "Smart Bath Mat" that allows you to measure your weight after taking a bath. After taking a bath, you can automatically measure your weight in just 3 seconds while you step on the bath mat as usual and dry the soles of your feet.
The "Smart Bath Mat" includes an application service that provides "sharing" and "awareness" of family health. Users can view vital data, share data between families and communities, and can use the notification function based on these health data.



issin Holdings Inc. is a new company founded by Tao Cheng, a serial entrepreneur who founded popIn, which UTEC invested in July 2008, and acquired by Baidu Japan in May 2015.


The founder's achievement of launching a best-selling product "popIn Aladdin" which was sold over 200,000 units since its release, and has achieved the No. 1 market share for home projectors in Japan. The clear vision and product conception capability based on deep understanding of users' pain, and the ability to expand overseas enabled by their cross-border mass production capabilities and members' extensive experience.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC led Series A financing and beyond as the lead investor, assisting in the development of issin's corporate strategy, business development, and team building. 
  • issin's Founder and CEO Mr. Tao Cheng, also the Founder of popIn and Serial Entrepreneur

  • Automatically record your daily weight on the app and easily monitor your health

  • "Smart Bath Mat" that allows you to measure your weight unconsciously