Gaianixx Inc.

  • Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder :
    Kento Nakao
  • Chief Scientific Officer / Co-Founder :
    Takeshi Kijima



Contribute the greatest benefit to humankind with ”Multi-functional inter layer™"

Growing Single-crystal on Epitaxial multiple layers has been challenging/difficult in semiconductor industries. Gaianixx Inc., is The University of Tokyo deep-tech start-up company who will bring “New value” and “New future” for semiconductor devices by growing single crystal layers using proprietary ”Multi-functional inter layer™” technology.



A co-founder Mr. Takeshi Kijima has elucidated the mechanism of "Dynamic lattice matching technology" at Tabata Lab in The University of Tokyo and optimized M4 technologies (Material, Method, Machine, Member) for single crystallization of hetero-epi layers. With active support by UTEC, co-founding members are now gathered and founded the Gaianixx Inc. for commercializing/industrializing the technology to innovate and contributing semiconductor industries.


-Proprietary epitaxial multiple-layer single-crystallization technology with ”Multi-functional inter layer™”
-Business model applicable to various industries due to the crystallization technology not limited to type of substrates, crystals, or functional layers
-Leading innovation by collaboration/co-development with The University of Tokyo
-Outstanding professional members and team

UTEC’s value add

UTEC provides comprehensive hands-on support ranging from team building to finance strategy even at pre-incorporation stage.
  • Epitaxial multiple-layer single-crystals in 4-6inch

  • Lattice image of single crystal