Fressets, Inc.

  • Founder, Chief Excecutive & Technology Officer:
    Masahiko Hyuga



Realizing a society where crypto assets and blockchain-related technologies can be used in a safe and convenient manner

The development of EWM (Enterprise Wallet Manager): a crypto asset wallet management system for corporations

Fressets develops EWM (Enterprise Wallet Manager), a crypto currency wallet management system for corporations that combines safety and convenience. EWM uses the “Multi-Sig” (an abbreviation for multi-signature) method to manage multiple private keys in a dispersion-managed manner. This method enables the wallet to manage its “Cold Wallet,” the section separated from the network, and at the same time allows the wallet to functionalize its “Hot Wallet,” the section connected to the network, . EWM is compatible with six major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple and Litecoin, and equipped by three Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, as of Feb. 2020. The company also plans to launch products and services that supports HSM (Hardware Security Module), a conventional security module to store private keys, and Threshold Multi-Signature, a scheme previously not available to Ethereum. Founder & CEO Masahiko Hyuga, since his days at the University of Tokyo’s doctoral course during Bitcoin’s infancy around 2014, has developed a variety of blockchain-related products and services, including cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency transfer services, and services enabling prepaid cell phones to charge bitcoin. He also contributes to the education and teaching of the younger blockchain generation through research meetings.



The company was established by Masahiko Hyuga, who has a wealth of cryptocurrency-related development experience since the early days of Bitcoin around 2014. He founded the company with an aim to solve vulnerabilities in wallet systems of cryptocurrency exchanges and to develop leading products and services related to crypto assets and blockchain.


The team has highly skilled engineers capable of developing secure wallet systems for a variety of crypto assets, and have the potential to launch revolutionary products and services in the field of blockchains.

UTEC value up

UTEC supports the company in recruitment of technical experts and managerial talent, coordination with universities, and introduction of corporations that could potentially be partners.
  • We support six major cryptocurrencies in Japanese crypto asset exchanges

  • System diagram of the Fressets EWM System®