Epigeneron, Inc

  • President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO):
    Hodaka Fujii



Development of innovative drugs to realize a society that all mankind is free from the pain of diseases.

Epigeneron, Inc. develops drugs against intractable diseases caused by abnormal regulation of genome functions such as transcription and epigenetic regulation. It also provides services for development of drugs against those diseases. One of Epigeneron's core technologies is locus-specific chromatin immunoprecipitation (locus-specific ChIP), which enables isolation of specific genomic regions preserving interactions between the target genomic regions and their binding molecules. This technology allows identification of molecules interacting with specific genomic regions inside of cells and is utilized for screening of drug targets of a wide range of intractable diseases including cancer, fibrosis, disorders of the central nervous system, and infectious diseases caused by abnormal expression of causative genes or effector genes of pathogens. The company is expected to drive innovations in development of drugs targeting the events in the nucleus encompassing epigenetic drugs and enhancer drugs. In addition, Epigeneron is actively developing novel biotechnologies based on molecular biology.



Dr. Hodaka Fujii, the President and CEO of Epigeneron, Inc. and a Professor of Hirosaki University Graduate School of Medicine, and his colleagues have developed locus-specific ChIP technology which enables biochemical analysis of specific genomic regions. By using this technology, Epigeneron focuses on development of drugs against intractable diseases caused by abnormal functions of the genome.


Novel innovative technologies and solutions such as locus-specific ChIP methods.
+ The ability to overcome problems not only focusing on the hot topics but also having perspectives of the further future.

UTEC value up

UTEC helps Epigeneron in planning patent strategy and introducing business supporters which improved Epigeneron's business foundation. UTEC is expected to provide comprehensive support including financing and advice for building and updating business models and so forth.
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