Elixir Pharma Inc.

  • CEO:
    Takahiro Maehama


Realizing "active healthy longevity society" by creating medicines to solve the walking function deterioration due to aging

Elixir Pharma was established in 2020 and tackles developing a natural peptide found at Osaka University in order to treat various diseases associated with muscle loss, damage, fibrosis, etc.
So far, we have been researching and developing a therapeutic agent for "sarcopenia".

In sarcopenia, excessive muscle atrophy due to aging results in motor function deterioration, such as gait disturbance, but we don't have any therapeutic drug other than nutrition therapy or exercise therapy so far.

We all can't walk, are bedridden lastly, and must spend the last decade of our lives. And everyone thinks this is common sense.
However Elixir Pharma aims to bring happy active lifestyles to the golden years and change this common sense globally.

With the mission, which is “Eliminating this last 10 years”, we are making forward our business and would like to bring "more active health and longevity" for humankinds.



Elixir Pharma was founded to develop therapeutic agents for muscle atrophy and rupture by leveraging the muscle regeneration function of a portion of “osteopontin” (known as substrate protein) discovered at Osaka University in 2020.


Functional peptide technology to activate skeletal muscle hygiene cells and its applicability to various diseases involving muscle loss, damage, fibrosis, etc.

UTEC’s value add

Financial support to materialize the GLP toxicity study and HR support for hiring executives and other personnel to accelerate business development
  • SV peptide suppresses the growth of fibrotic scar tissue

  • SV peptide facilitates muscle regeneration