ConciergeU Inc.

  • CEO:
    Shogo Ota



Changing the World by Automating Chat

A SaaS start-up that develops the no-code chat AI platform "KUZEN".
While there is a growing need for companies to use chatbots to complete a variety of internal and external communications, there have been no no-code tools that can develop, maintain, and operate highly functional chatbots without relying on system vendors.
By providing "KUZEN," a no-code tool with all the functions necessary for operation in large enterprises, including complex scenario creation, data analysis, and custom DB integration, we aim to create innovative ways of working.



Based on the founder's experience at the University of Tokyo "Entrepreneurship Dojo" and a PE fund, two graduates of the University of Tokyo founded the company when chat was about to evolve as means of communications, with the determination to create a global startup company from Japan.


It is the only chatbot tool that provides a wide variety of functions required by enterprise customers with no code, and has been installed in more than 150 large companies. The company's strengths include its unique patented scenario creation algorithm, various dialogue interfaces that can be built according to customer needs, and flexible integration with external systems.

UTEC’s value add

Finance strategy including IPO preparation, recruitment support and organization building
  • The "KUZEN" editor screen. No code is needed to build a chatbot quickly.

  • Conceptual diagram of "KUZEN" Integration Hub. Various dialogue interfaces and linkage with SaaS are realized.

  • Image of an end-user using a chatbot.