ASM, Inc.

  • President & CEO:
    Mikihiko Tsubouchi



Deliver Slide-Ring Material (SeRM), the world's first commercialized material that enables molecular topology, a concept that won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2016

ASM, Inc. is a materials startup established to commercialize “SeRM”, an innovative polymeric material with movable cross-links. SeRM is a supermolecule that makes polymers tough, impact-resistant, extensible, and resilient, based on molecular topology without changing fundamental properties.
It also enables existing polymers to achieve excellent haptics, shape restorability, vibration absorption, and heat radiation performance, - material characteristics that are increasingly in demand. ASM is currently collaborating with various chemical and material manufacturers.



Invented at The University of Tokyo’s Kohzo Ito Lab, “SeRM” is a platform technology that can revolutionize the world of polymers. ASM founders, including Prof. Ito, and UTEC grasped the potential practical applications of this supermolecule. The company was thus formed to meet the growing interests in SeRM from the material industry.


Today, ASM is the world's sole manufacturer of commercialized supermolecule that enables molecular topology. The company possesses exclusive licenses to the related patents from the University of Tokyo. ASM added various novel functions to polymers, such as toughness, impact resistance, extensibility, and resilience, to enable existing polymers to achieve radical strengthening, and excellent haptics, shape restorability, vibration absorption and heat radiation performance.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC has been involved in ASM’s business planning process from the preparatory stage of the company’s establishment. UTEC has also playing a lead investor role by providing ASM with financial support, management team building, and advice on management issues such as capital/business alliances.
  • SeRM structure

  • Polyamide modification

  • Developed a heat dissipation sheet