• C1X Inc.

      C1X is an independent technology leader offering a Data-Driven programmatic advertising Platfor...

    • Dragonfly Technology Inc.

      Dragonfly is developing revolutionary products and services for smart home and commercial appli...

    • Fyusion, Inc.

      Fyusion develops technologies that empower people to capture the world in a more immersive way ...

    • Liquid, Inc.

      High-speed one to N finger print authentication business

    • MONEY DESIGN Co., Ltd

      The first discretionary investment management company in Japan specialized in global ETF

    • Mujin, Inc.

      Mujin's innovative technology makes it easier to program industrial robots and improves automat...

    • Nabiq Inc.

      Nabiq, Inc. proves high quality wireless broadband services for business in Japan.

    • Nowcast Inc.

      Economic data analysis business

    • Routrek Networks, Inc.

      Smart agriculture IoT robot and SaaS for small- to mid-sized farming.

    • Cyfuse Biomedical Inc.

      Research and Development of Tissue Fabrication Systems and Cell-Based Products

    • CREWT Medical Systems, Inc.

      Research and Development of Head-Mounted Diagnostic Perimetry as Human-cetric medical device by...

    • Glytech, Inc.

      Development of highly purified biopharmaceuticals with chemically synthesized glycopeptides and...

    • GORYO Chemical, Inc

      Development of Cancer Diagnostics by Activatable Fluorescent Probe

    • MOLCURE Inc.

      MOLCURE 's groundbreaking new system enables pharmaceutical companies who are developing new an...

    • Noxilizer, Inc.

      Commercializes NO2-based sterilization technology that is revolutionizing pharmaceutical/biotec...

    • Repertoire Genesis Inc.

      Development of Next-Gen T cell receptor (TCR)/B cell receptor (BCR) repertoire analysis